For over four decades, Pennco has maintained a highly skilled workforce with state of the art equipment and is considered one of the leaders in our industry. Pennco has established itself in the tooling industry to fill a niche with close tolerance, challenging spare tooling with on time delivery and competitive pricing.

We have two divisions to serve our customers, Pennco Tool & Die and Pennco Mill-Turn-Fab:

Pennco Tool & Die

At our Tool and Die location we offer many capabilities such as surface grinding, wet grinding, wire EDM, conventional milling, jig grinding, EDM sinker, CNC hole drilling, and laser engraving. We also have expanded our assembly department which gives us the ability to completely assemble and ship dies and assembly’s ready to run!

Pennco Mill Turn Fab

At our new Mill – Turn – Fab location we specialize in CNC machining. At this facility, we currently offer CNC vertical milling, CNC 5 axis milling, and CNC hard milling. We also plan to add a CNC lathe department and fabrication department in the near future.
At the Mill-Turn-Fab location we will be doing small quantities up to low volume production and adding automation to our CNC machines.

We provided a wide variety of services including: