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Wire cutting is the cutting edge of precision tooling

Supplier of high precision Pennco Tool & Die, Inc. was founded in 1980 and is located in the heart of the tool & die capital of the USA, Meadville, Pennsylvania. Specializing in close tolerance form grinding and Wire EDM of both carbide and steel, they maintain a highly skilled work force of Journeymen Tool and Die makers and additional support staff capable of machining carbide and steel to a tolerance of ± .00005 inch... Read More

At Pennco Tool & Die, it's all about excellence

When Philip A. Passilla, better known as “Phil Sr.,” started Pennco Tool & Die, Inc., 30 years ago in Meadville, Penn., US, the town of 14,000 was home to more than 150 machine shops within a 10-mile radius. Known as the the Tool & Die Capital of the World, Meadville today has about 100 such businesses, and Pennco is at the front of the pack, thanks in part to GF AgieCharmilles wire EDM technology... Read More